O’Brien Architects


In 2013, Dallas-based O’Brien Architects hired The Rocketlab to create a new leave-behind piece for them to use when pitching new business. In our interviews with their employees and clients, copywriter Wayne Geyer and I discovered that O’Brien has a knack for intuition; for being able to understand and envision their clients’ development ideas, even if that vision was only communicated in a conversation. Thus the headline “We See What You’re Saying” was born.

But they didn’t just need a brochure to tell people how insightful they are. They needed something functional: an 8.5″ x 11″ template that would allow them to create new pages easily whenever the need arose, by dropping new text and images into the InDesign file. The final design was sized to 8.5″ x 11″ and could be spiral-bound with the pre-printed, embossed covers, which gave them the ability to create custom brochures in-house at a moment’s notice (which, when you’re constantly pitching new business, is a must) .

Designer: Jeff Joiner
Copywriter: Wayne Geyer
Agency: The Rocketlab